My journey into the beautiful online world began several years ago with the creation of a Facebook page and website called Positivity Toolbox.  Why did I create a site all about Positivity Tools? Because Positivity is powerful! It can change things.  Positivity Toolbox is a special site to me because it combines my love for positive living and,website work. Being a mom to my two little girls and my little boy, it also goes without saying that positivity is on the forefront of my mind in raising them. They are full of life and I want to see them stay that way through adulthood; trusting themselves, achieving their dreams and finding peace and joy in each day. I see them go about their little lives right now shining their bright lights into the world and I love to watch them do so.

More About Me Personally…

Fiona Childs on FacebookGiven my free-spirited, creative soul, it is a wonder to me how I ever ended up in law school. But somehow, someway I did and as a young adult began my career as a trial attorney in Durham County, North Carolina. On a side, but related note, how a Long Island, New York girl ended up in North Carolina, is also a wonder to me, but it is, nevertheless a beautiful place to live (just without the availability of so much amazing food).

Shortly into my career as an attorney I was blessed with my first baby girl and changed careers to work with my then-doctor-husband, operating a medical clinic. While I did find it difficult to work with people with health problems, just as I have found it difficult to work with people with legal problems, in my new work, I found I could let my creativity flow as I was in charge of just about everything, but the doctoring. I enjoyed it and I was able to have a balance between mothering and working.

It was shortly after the birth of my second baby girl that my dear best friend was brutally murdered in her home one Fall night. During the weeks, months and years after she died I felt the world was turned upside down. Everything I thought was the truth seemed to no longer be; uncertainty and confusion ruled and my mind constantly raced with so many “why” questions.

bpnekmy9enxfThe blessing for me personally is that during that time that I was able to reflect on my own life and see that I had not been living it in a way where I was true to my own values and beliefs. I wanted more. I wanted to feel happy – like the real kind of happy that I now refer to as “joy” – the kind that is there every day and that cannot be drowned by the situation. This self-reflection gave me the courage to end a marriage with a man I a was not compatible with and so also began my journey into a new career. After my work at the medical practice I realized I was quite good at marketing and I began a new phase of my career doing online marketing work for myself and others. I discovered my passion lies in creativity. Likewise, I realized that my days are not personally fulfilled in working with people on their legal or health problems as I had been doing previously, but rather, in working in a creative role and especially with women in the areas of self-worth, self-care and appreciation of the beauty of our world!

For the first time in my life I am living true to what I value and what I love and each day is filled with that gift.  I created Our World’s View subsequent to Positivity Toolbox as a way to expose people to the beautiful creatures and places of our exquisite world.  It is such a fun project for me and I love the joy that these wonderful photographs bring to the lives of many.

I am also blessed beyond anything I could have ever imagined to have an amazing partner, Julian Kaufmann, the love of my life, who has not only taught me the definition of a good man but also, the definition of love. I respect and admire Julian. In all my endeavors, both big and small, he gives me his absolute enthusiasm and support. He is a tower of strength, wildly intelligent and a lover of life. Not a day goes by that I cease to be amazed by him and his compassion towards the world.

I hope you enjoy what you find here. My heart goes into each word.

This site and all my sites are dedicated to the loving memory of Michelle. I still hear her voice from time-to-time and she sets me straight on my tough days. May her memory live forever in all that is peaceful and beautiful. May no human ever endure what she went through, and may every woman and man have their own version of Michelle’s graceful spirit inside. May every person hear that inner whisper that tells them they are wonderful and find confidence to stand up for themselves. May every person love even half as much she loved.


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